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About Us

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Rotherham Climate Action (RCA) is a local voluntary group supported by the national organisation Friends of the Earth, giving residents and communities of Rotherham the tools, knowledge and motivation to act more sustainably, and ultimately combat climate change.

From traveling the world, seeing first hand how beautiful our planet really is, when Helen returned, she knew she needed to get involved in local action to make a difference globally.  As part of Sheffield Friends of the Earth originally, Helen quickly learned how big of a problem climate change really is and decided to attempt to start a climate action group in Rotherham where she resides.

Watch her story here:


Whether it's knowing what to recycle in your home, or signing a petition, RCA aims to make Rotherham an environmentally friendly and proud place to live.

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Walking the Dog

Nature, woodlands, parks are irreplaceable. Let’s save them.

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