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Simple Steps

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

The online event Simple Steps event was organised for those who are worried about climate change and are looking for some simple and practical ideas of things to do.

We covered Simple Steps to take...

… at Home

Fasten your seatbelt as we are going to be delivering 15 tips in 15 minutes, sharing with you some quick wins not only from us, but from different organisations within Rotherham and Sheffield. From unplugging that electrical item saving energy to passing on your belongings, these are actions you can adapt to straight away achieving that feeling of accomplishment.

…in your Community

The community strand will be led by Kendra Ullyart, Coordinator of Darlington Friends of the Earth where they have had lots of success with different projects involving the local community. Kendra will tell us about some of these projects and also share ideas about other community activities – and how to go about setting these up.

…in your Workplace

Andy Cameron the founder of Intelligent Hand Dryers in Sheffield, is going to be sharing his experiences as a leader and also offering advice about what employees can do to influence change in their own organisations. Andy’s company is the UK and Ireland's first Carbon Trust accredited supplier of energy efficient hand dryers company - and became a national talking point when he implemented a single use plastics ban; see for yourself here!

Video recording

The link to the video recording of the presentations is above.

The description includes the times at which each section starts.

Tips guide

The link to the tips guide is above.

Andy's slides from 'In the workplace'

You can find a copy of Andy's slides using the link above and you can sign up to Sheffield Sustainability Network (SSN) here.

One small action for an individual, one giant leap for the environment

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