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Waverley trials Terracycle recycling scheme


About the scheme

What is Terracycle?

How does it work?


About the scheme

A resident of the Waverley Estate has secured funding from Well Rotherham with support from Harworth and The Land Trust to pilot a 6-month recycling initiative.

The aim of this initiative is to benefit the residents and communities surrounding Waverley, reduce greenhouse gas emissions through effective recycling, and show how individuals can play their part locally to benefit our planet for future generations.

Of the 26m tonnes of waste produced in the UK, 12m tonnes are recycled, and 14m tonnes are sent to landfill sites. This gives us an average recycling rate of 45%.

What is Terracycle?

TerraCycle is an innovative recycling company and a global leader in recycling typically hard-to-recycle waste, which Rotherham Council would otherwise dispose of. Terracycle believes that instead of wasting the planet’s resources, we are able to create a circular economy by recycling our commodities together to positively impact our planet. The collected hard to recycle waste will not end up as litter in landfill, or incineration, and will instead be repurposed into new materials and products.

The pilot will allow access to do this here on Waverley for 6 months, and if successful, will be implemented longer term. The opportunity to collect points through the scheme is also available, which if collected, can be donated to local schools/charitable organisations as a monetary donation.

For more information on Terracycle, you can watch the video below:

Please remember the 3 R's - Reduce, Recycle and Reuse!

Although this initiative will allow you to recycle more items, please consider how you can reduce getting these materials in the first place.


How does it work?

1. Drop off your hard-to-recycle items within the bin shelter on Mitchell Way near the Winter Green pub. One bin is for dishwashing and certain cleaning items (RB Hygiene home) and one bin is for the toothbrush items (Colgate & Hello Oral Care) both of which are clearly signposted:

2. Every now and again a volunteer will collect the items to send onto Terracycle.

3. Points may be rewarded based on the weight of collections, which can then be redeemed as a charitable monetary donation (we are yet to decide who will be our chosen organisation but once we have the ball rolling, we will ask residents via the facebook page to vote).

4. Repeat and spread the word!


Does the waste have to be cleaned?

Not necessarily but please try to clean any items as we are collecting on behalf of somebody else, and want to try and avoid forwarding smelly waste onwards.

Are collections brand specific?

Where is the bin?

Why set up an initiative like this?

I have a question and/or would like to speak to someone.

What was the decision process behind what materials to recycle?

A playground made out of recycled Colgate materials.

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